RTLS Technology Baseline


Ultra-Wide Band

UWB is offered from multiple
companies and is maturing
nicely. It works best for welldefined
clear spaces with
high value propositions.


  • ✅ Accuracy to 6 inches
  • ✅ Tags can be smaller


  • ✘ Tough to ROI
  • ✘ Battery Life
  • ✘ Tough to scale

Time of Arrival

ToA is the sweet spot in Real
Time Location. It is best used
inside the four walls and
large open spaces.


  • ✅ Accuracy to 4 feet
  • ✅ Scalable
  • ✅ Easy ROI


  • ✘ Larger tags
Other technologies such as Mesh, Infra-Red and Steerable Phased Array exist for specific
discrete applications. UWB, ToA and WiFi are the primary 4-Wall / Property technologies.

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