Enabling RFID and Barcodes to Provide Location Tracking


Tracking with a Real Time Location System in a facility like this is no longer a difficult task. 1-2M accuracy can easily be obtained on a short ROI period. Primarily this is because everything is contained in the 4-walls.


A very simple application in an environment such as this is to recognize when all the parts, tool chests and fixtures are assembled in the work area so a work team can be scheduled, thus saving hours or even days.

Another is to simply locate tools or fixtures. It is always odd to me that items so large that they are moved by overhead crane get misplaced, but apparently they do.

Systems like this are scalable to mid-size production facilities as well; 50x100M seems to be a common size for everything from trusses to granite slabs to roll stock of various material and ROI well.

One of the challenges of RTLS applications for mid-size businesses has been interfacing outdoor inventory to indoor WIP.


Typically, inventory is barcoded today when it arrives. Most of the time, adding RFID tags is cost or environmentally prohibitive. Adding RTLS tags to be recaptured has been resisted by clients.

There is now one unique solution to bridge this gap. That is to add the Scanning Gun to the things being tracked in the RTLS system. A unique (to my knowledge) scan gun with integrated RTLS tag allows this to be accomplished.


The CSL 101 is not a sexy beast, but it gets the job done and has been field proven in many applications around the world. CSL also assures me the next generation is right around the corner.


Do you ever remove things from a trailer and put them in the ‘yard’ prior to putting them into a real system location?

Do you ever need that material before it is in the system?

You can now stop searching and know exactly where it was last seen. This also keeps it from being ‘lost’ to the system improving accuracy and lot tracking.

There is a lot to unpack here, but hopefully you can envision how this might help your business. Just reach out for further thoughts. www.rtlslab.com